The Truth About Prostate Inflammation and Why it Happens

By Derek Fall   |   March 25, 2022

Recent Studies By Universities Have Shown The True Reason Why Prostate Gets Enlarged And How This Discovery Can Help You Solve It.

Having BPH or Prostate gland enlargement can be very frustrating, tiring and even painful depending on how enlarged the prostate might be.

Not being able to empty the bladder completely can lead to a wide range of issues and complications.

Today I want to share a few research studies that have revealed the true cause of prostate inflammation and why it has very little to do with age.

If you are currently struggling with an enlarged prostate you know what such a problem can cause. It can leave you tired and frustrated from having to wake up in the middle of the night to go urinate, yet a few minutes later having to go again.

It can even start causing pain and some recent studies point to BPH being the cause of prostate cancer for many men.

Having an enlarged prostate is not your fault. Current medical advice says that Prostate gland enlargement is just a part of aging.

That you basically have to deal with it or take drugs that can end up causing a list of other problems and complications if taken for a prolonged time. The problem is that these drugs only work when they are taken, so men end up taking these medications for long periods of time.

In other words, they don’t solve the underlying root problem. The actual cause of the inflammation is still there and it very likely will continue getting worse if not solved.

What is the true source of inflammation of the prostate?

Recent studies by Harvard medical school and other universities have shown that the inflammation in the prostate is actually caused by your body targeting a specific male hormone called DHT.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a male sex hormone that stimulates the development of male characteristics like body hair, muscle growth, and deep voice. 

These recent studies have shown how DHT is one of the main contributing factors for male balding and prostate growth.  Just how DHT gets attached to the hair on your head, it also gets attached to the cells in the prostate causing inflammation.

The body is trying to remove the excess DHT from the prostate gland with this inflammation which causes all these side effects like not being able to empty the bladder, Erectile Dysfunction, and others.  

This breakthrough realization allowed them to do a 1,000 patient experiment run by the British Journal of Urology in which they were able to have very positive results shrinking the prostates of these men in a short period of time.

How Can You Shrink An Enlarged Prostate?

Recent studies by Harvard and Ohio University have shown a natural remedy that shrinks prostate inflammation.

They were able to shirk the prostate by naturally removing DHT from the body without invasive treatments, surgery, or drugs.

Watch this video to learn more about shrinking your enlarged prostate without drugs or surgery.

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